Leave Your Pride At The Door

Toilet facilities… we all have to use them. Large, small, shiny, fancy, clean, dirty. When nature calls, we are happy to have them.  That said, backpacking throughout Asia brings on an entirely new experience with surprises around every corner!!

As we psychologically prepare for toilets in India (3 days and counting), we reminisce about Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.  We recall several times when we were at the mercy of the bus driver to stop for a toilet break and/or having to deal with whatever public facility we could find when we needed it. We never really had high hopes for public Asian toilets, but some of them really impressed! (sarcasm intended).  Consider filth, lack of privacy, smell, no water (or too much on the floor – some butt guns have way too much pressure), no paper, no door or any combination.

Looking back, here are a few of our ‘favorites’ from the last year and a half. Could you relax your sphincter in these circumstances?

Bathrooms (35)
Christine’s favorite… the no-door-squatter in the women’s toilet!


Bathrooms (34)
Or better yet… the no walls men’s urinal.  Open for all to view.

Bathrooms (33)


Bathrooms (28)
No words for this one in Cambodia
Bathrooms (27)
Pee with a view… the classic Vietnam bus stop

Hated the bus stops.



Bathrooms (2)
Love the giant hand wash with the filthy bucket ‘vessels’
Bathrooms (20)
Classic squatter with a bucket to splash yourself clean and flush!
Bathrooms (22)
Tucked away in the storage room… no ceiling, no thought!
Bathrooms (29)
The man’s trough… nice!
Bathrooms (30)
And this is where the trough drains.


A collection of some favorites!

Bathrooms (6)

A common saying is check the bathroom before you eat to get an idea of the cleanliness of the kitchen. In several places we visited, if we followed this we would have never eaten!

Bathrooms (4)
Restaurant toilet


Bathrooms (24)
Good luck finding some of them.  Duck your head, back of the closet…no one uses!!!
Bathrooms (23)
“Please use the bum gun”
Bathrooms (13)
Don’t squat on the toilet.  Don’t clean your shoes with the bum gun.  Our favorite… don’t shower with the bum gun!


Bathrooms (7)
We never figured this one out… outdoor communal tub?  Soak your bum tub?  Didn’t hang around to find out!
Bathrooms (3)
The men’s peeing wall… no flush, no water… plug your nose!

Bathrooms (25)

Bathrooms (1)
Another ladies special

Will they get worse in our travelling future?  Fingers crossed for good luck … and sometimes legs.

Mark and Christine

3 thoughts on “Leave Your Pride At The Door

  1. Wow, that’s ‘crappy’…

    I hear they were bad but a real eye opener about their facilities there.

    I love hearing about your adventures and look forward to what awaits in India.


  2. Now I know that Trina will NEVER visit Asia! And here I was ticked off because our BnB in Little Fort didn’t provide us with a spare roll of toilet tissue!


  3. Too bad therés no “stun gun” to accompany the ” bum gun” experience. You guys are either way more curious or wayyyyyyy braver than I am in dealing with this daily ritual. I want some fly pix too- to remind me how unannoying floods, fires , bears and mosquitoes are here in Alberta.
    So are you secretly enjoying this in a perverse kind of way or are you just collecting material to make the move home a tad easier????
    LOL. Can’t wait for your next post…. xoxo Sandy


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